About Spirit of Sport

Spirit of Sport was created with the intention of offering kids a fun way to learn sports...and many sports!

It's not often that kids get to just be kids and play for fun. Spirit of Sports wants to bring the "Play" back to learning sports.

We have over 15 years of experience founding and operating sports programs, camps & unique sports experiences in football & hockey.

We want to bring the skills we've perfected teaching together with the fun aspects of sport by offering multi-sport play to young athletes.

By connecting University level athletes with our campers, we ensure that leadership & mentorship play an important role on top of learning the fundamentals of sports.

All Spirit of Sport Camps feature a certified teacher, Coaches including University level athletes and high school students who have been vulnerable sector screened and know how to bring on the SPIRIT OF SPORT!


History of Founder


Nick Burns

-Professional Athlete

-Certified Ontario Teacher

-15 Years Experience Creating, Implementing and Delivering Camp Experiences Including:

Day Camps, Overnight Camps, Weekly Skills Sessions & Customized Sport Programs

A desire from experience, to design high quality multi-sport camps for KIDS featuring inclusivity, FUN and leadership - all within a co-operative learning environment. 

Join us for our 2018 Summer Camp in Burlington